Our approach focuses on the practical

We focus on helping beneficiaries identify and develop their leadership skills, professional values, and career path through interdisciplinary programming beyond a strictly chosen career context.
KCSD promote employability skills the practice of leadership by facilitating leadership development through practice-based education, uniquely shared experiences, and the forging of authentic bonds with leaders and people in business, politics, and society, we enable relationships with people who make small important changes that have a great impact across the globe.
Education has been the axle for social, economic and political transformation in all societies. It acts as an integrative force in society, imparting values that foster individual excellence, social cohesion, and national development. Recognizing the importance of education in national development, the policymakers (European Union, 2006; UNESCO, 2013; QAA, 2012) have placed an unprecedented focus on a recently identified concept in the field of education across all levels named as ‘entrepreneurial skill development through education’.

Beneficiaries choose to work with us again and again because they know, like and trust us and enjoy working with us in a deep relationship. They appreciate that our firsthand experience means that we can adapt and flex our approach to meet changing needs and value our practical and contextual approach, bringing real meaning, immediate applicability and long-term value to the development. It has really transformed the world. Businesspersons have been creating ventures for masses based on such ideas materializing them into useful actions Entrepreneurs have a vision for doing things in a better way, thinking beyond the constraints of current rules and resources. Perhaps more importantly, they have the passion and urgency that literally compel them to take the necessary to realize their vision. They want to look deeper into the world and by doing so, they inspire their fellow men and women. Therefore, entrepreneurship is not just a venture creation process; its essence goes beyond contemporary times with maturity and serves as an agent of change. It is universal and is reflected in all major dimensions of civilization viz. social, political, and economic etc.

We encourage learners to reflect on their life journey to date and their future pathway by providing a cohesive narrative based on the heroes Journey which draws on the universal stories which are common to all cultures. This narrative is supported by the provision of many exemplars of people who have mastered the subjects of interest to the learner, successfully. Learners often find it helpful to discover how leaders in their chosen field of study have overcome difficulties and the concepts that they found hard to understand initially.
Embed authentic, ethical behaviors into the DNA of the organization. The entrepreneurial journey is not for everyone. Yes, the highs are high and the rewards can be thrilling. But the lows can break your heart.
“Entrepreneurs must love what they do to such a degree that doing it is worth sacrifice and, at times, pain. But doing anything else, we think, would be unimaginable.”

Beekeeping program will increase the bee population while providing another source of livelihood to the farmers and premium quality organic honey from the HomaBayCounty Oyugis-Rachunyo Sub-County to the consumers across Kenya
Unemployment and poverty remain pressing issues for many areas around the world. HomaBay County rural, Kenya is one of these locations whose abject poverty history continues to hinder employment growth for mainly deaf and vulnerable youth. With the appropriate flora, space, and demand, KCSD’s beekeeping industry has the potential to flourish and generate employment opportunities easily pursued in rural areas where most deaf reside. Some deaf has been trained for this apiary practice, however, they maintain a stagnant income. Here, the greater issue lies in the lack of business knowledge and skills. In efforts to utilize beekeeping as a method of poverty alleviation, three individuals completed the apiary training, though reportedly have little knowledge of the skills necessary to generate a sustainable business.

Beekeeping is a widespread activity with a wealth of existing local knowledge and skills. Human resources: beekeeping skills, training, and extension.
The addition of a little technical information, however, can lead to greatly improved harvests of honey and beeswax. There are many ways to assist honey beekeepers to build on their resources to create more income by harvesting and processing honey more skilfully, and to obtain better prices by saving and selling beeswax and by making secondary products.