Where We Work

We operate in Oyugis, rural Homa-Bay and Nairobi County respectively.

Who We Serve

We serve the hearing impaired communities. We place special attention on overcoming socio-economic challenges and societal barriers that affect deaf children, girls and the vulnerable out of school youth recognizes the importance of providing education to reduce the gender gap. We seek to create a sustainable model in Homa-Bay and Nairobi that can be replicated to empower people in entire Kenya.

Training Entrepreneurs & Businesses

We’re a people-based agency first and foremost. From basic skills and employment to work-based learning and commercial training – we empower individuals and businesses with the skills they need to grow.
We believe vocational training can be just as important as academic learning and have been delivering quality apprenticeships and training for nearly two decades. From practical skills to professional qualifications and diploma-level apprenticeships – The KCSD offers the works.


We believe in a peaceful and prosperous society where every person is able to access education and economic opportunities to build a mutually accountable, inclusive, equitable, and empowered society.


Aspire to inspire that every child should have access to an exceptional, personalized education that enables them to be happy and successful in an ever-changing and to lead dignify life.


We break down social and cultural barriers that prevent girls and women and from participating in community development.

We aim to teach the importance and necessity of accountability and social responsibility both to one’s community and one’s country.

There is a disconnect between schools, learners and the communities; therefore, we are involved in providing access to learning resources such as flashcards, learning devices and teaching materials.

We strive to build the capacity of the local communities so that they can manage and sustain their development.

We work with the community and other stakeholders to accomplish more than we could on our own.

We strive to apply the highest levels of ethics, accountability, transparency, and professionalism in our work.

Entrepreneurship Education

Transforming an idea into action has been done since the beginning of civilization around the globe Entrepreneurship education has the mandate to equip the youth with functional knowledge and skill to build up their character, attitude, and vision. It has a vital role in developing eco-system that promotes innovation as its importance for providing the base for innovation and creating a value system; and developing an entrepreneurial culture, which drives wealth creation and gives a further push to innovations.
Leader Shape, we believe in the potential for each individual student to become the best person they could. To help beneficiaries achieve their employability skill’s vision, we take an approach that is entirely collaborative, we don’t work on beneficiaries, and we work alongside beneficiaries to generate sustainable, measured, organizational performance improvement. We do this through the development of the community, so they see their commitment to leadership as something that is beyond individual ego and in the interests of all the stakeholders of the training.